ExcelRedstone is a specialist in the design and implementation of Wi-Fi networks at the enterprise level.


Wi-Fi is now a mainstay of enterprise-level infrastructure solutions. Networks comprising more than 5,000 AP networks are now commonplace, with 10,000 AP networks increasingly being considered and implemented.

Ever-growing traffic volumes through developments such as voice-over-Wi-Fi means that scalability is critical.

In addition, indoor, outdoor and multi-site implementations are now the norm, and BYOD strategies mean accommodating devices ranging from laptops to iPhones, tablets, and specialist / niche handheld devices, as well as technologies including legacy a/b/g and new 802.11.n.

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To meet these challenges, ExcelRedstone adopts a rigorous three-step methodology for the design and implementation of all corporate Wi-Fi solutions.

Spectrum Analysis

Our spectrum analysis survey deploys class-leading specialist tools to provide visibility into Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources of interference, any of which may cause wireless performance degradation.

Physical Survey

A physical survey of the building then allows our specialist engineers to detail a wide range of important factors concerning the topography and construction of the areas to be covered by the network.

3D Modelling

Sophisticated 3D modelling tools are used to create multi-layered, multi-storey models of the buildings involved. Allowances can then be calculated for the attenuation effects of key variables such as distances, construction materials and population densities. AP quantities and types can then be calculated, and coverage (as well as any co-channel and cross-channel interference) indicated on heat maps.

ExcelRedstone’s specialist Wi-Fi network services have been developed over many years’ experience in the design, installation and management of enterprise level WLAN.

ExcelRedstone Wi-Fi solutions deliver:

  • The most accurate prediction of coverage and throughput
  • The optimum location, quantity and type of hardware (reducing acquisition and installation costs)
  • Reliability data to assess performance when the strongest one or two APs are not available (allowing you to identify back up requirements)
  • Detailed working plans for contractors and installers


All projects are delivered within ExcelRedstone’s proven Xceed™ framework, placing a premium on quality assurance and risk control. Our powerful MIS software Xact™ provides real time visibility and traceability throughout, and rigorous testing and commissioning procedures are carried out prior to client handover.

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