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End-of-Life Asset Services.

As part of our comprehensive approach to asset lifecycle management, ExcelRedstone offers a portfolio of end-of-life asset services.


From the disposal, recycling and / or resale of hardware through to the on-site destruction of data and media, we help our clients achieve end-of-life outcomes efficiently, securely, reliably and within a framework of legal and best-practice compliance.


All hardware is disposed or recycling according to current legislation and, where applicable, the WEEE directive. Data destruction is implemented with cutting edge mobile technologies utilising CESG-approved equipment.


Standard disposal and recycling processes can be implemented, or processes (often for disposal) agreed with clients on an individual basis.


Disposal and recycling strategies supported by data and media destruction, asset recovery, resale and hardware returns / storage services.

Our powerful and flexible portfolio of end-of-life asset services includes:

The disposal of all hardware according to current legislation and (where applicable) the WEEE directive. Disposals processes are agreed with clients on an individual basis, but the standard disposal and recycling process includes:

  • All assets tracked using the latest bar-coding technology
  • Asset disposal tracked by the client in real time via an on-line portal
  • Removal of all client asset labels and markings from the units
  • Removal of all stored data by agreed data eradication software or by secure physical destruction
  • Removal of all software including operating systems and applications in accordance with all relevant licensing agreements and copyright law, this information is captured and can be provided to the client
  • All units with no commercial value will be recycled according to current country regulations
A range of secure on-site destruction services, including Degaussing, software wiping and physical destruction of all media types.  Cutting edge technologies utilise CESG-approved equipment which is truly portable, meaning physical destruction can be undertaken in the office environment.

The On-site Disk Destruction Service comprises:

  • Online reporting (USP)
  • Disk crushing – Ripples platters (USP)
  • Visual verification, signed off onsite by customer (USP)
  • Crushed disks transportation boxes sealed on site for delivery to smelting depot (USP)
  • Certification of destroyed disks
  • All disk serial numbers recorded electronically (USP)
  • Destruction not erasure (USP)
  • National coverage
  • Genuine fully on-site solution (USP)
  • Waste product 100% recycled
  • E2E Solution
    • Auditable (USP)
    • Trackable (USP)
    • Waste PC’s removed complies to all WEEE standards
  • Professionally trained uniformed, Service Technicians working to ISO standards
  • GPS-tracked vehicles
  • Silent operation of CSEG-approved purpose built destruction machine
  • Portable (USP)
  • All media covered
    • Disks
    • Paper
    • Tape
    • CD/DVD
    • Uniforms
A service to retrieve technology hardware from their client’s site. Comprehensive asset tracking is undertaken using the latest bar-code technology and allows real time asset tracking.  Once units have been recovered a certified audit will be sent to the client and the audit will be made available to the client using a secure user name and password on our secure interactive portal.

  • Complete recovery of equipment
  • Dedicated Account Manager provides the client with a seamless service
  • Asset tracking is certified with a full asset audit report made available online
Secure storage for their clients’ equipment, with hardware received, audited, and asset tracked at the storage facilities.  An inventory of all equipment stored for the client is available via a secure web portal.  The storage facilities are all secure, temperature controlled and are manned and monitored 24 hours a day.

  • Secure, manned and monitored 24 hours a day
  • Inventory of stored assets available on-line
A fully flexible service to return stored hardware. We are able to return equipment within 24 hours of notification and deliver the hardware to the clients loading bay or to the user’s desk. As expected we work on a 24 hour x 7 days per week timetable at no extra cost to the client.

  • With a 24 x 7 x 365 operation.
  • A fully flexible service by using our own drivers and GPS tracked vehicles.
Controlling and managing the sales process to maximize returns for the client. Sales can be managed via auction sites, retail outlets, via trade routes on a wholesale basis or via the web.
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