Space management with DeskQUERY saves £millions for media giant

Media giant saves millions with DeskQUERY™ space management.

Case study:
Space management with DeskQUERY delivers £millions in annualised savings for global media giant

The Space Management Challenge

This global media group was facing pressure across several buildings in its extensive London campus.

The corporate facilities team was inundated by requests for more space from departmental heads. While the team was confident there was sufficient space, they needed more accurate and granular data to ensure an informed response and space management strategy.

The Solution

Two space management solutions were considered, DeskQUERY and desk sensors.

The team dismissed desk sensors because they couldn’t give departmental usage data, couldn’t be deployed quickly enough, couldn’t monitor remote use of desk space, and had the potential to disturb users during both installation and maintenance.

Instead, DeskQUERY was selected and quickly deployed, including customised reporting to identify allocation by department and cost centre, with desk utilisation data overlaid on physical floorplans.

space management

The Results

Initial results showed that not only was existing space sufficient for the current staffing levels, but that the campus was significantly under utilised.

  • Average utilisation across the head office was just 43%
  • 21% of desks not used across a two month period
  • 36% of desks were free for a whole morning or afternoon
  • The majority of meeting rooms were also under utilised – space which could be converted into office / open plan space.

By confirming that there was sufficient space, it became clear that a new building would not be required and that space management strategies in the existing campus could easily meet demand. This off-set millions of pounds in real estate and relocation costs.

In addition, it was identified that a satellite office supporting 180 people could be closed, with people being accommodated through more efficient use of head office – with annualised savings running to several million pounds.

As well as the financial benefits from reducing the real estate footprint, there have also been clear environmental benefits from reduced heating, lighting, energy use and travel.

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