Open Networking For Your Business: e-guide

Next-Generation Networking For Your Data Centre: e-Guide.

Next-generation networking technology is revolutionising the way modern enterprises approach the building & management of networks.

Next-Gen NetworkingThe concept of an open ecosystem will be immediately familiar to anyone involved in server technology. Choosing server components from various suppliers and running your own choice of operating system has been standard for many years.

Similarly, next-generation (or ‘open’) networking is the disaggregation of switch hardware and software.

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Next-Generation Networking for your Data Centre includes:

  • Explore the technology: closed vs open switches, and open OS explained.
  • Bare, white or brite boxes – which combination is right for your business?
  • What are the cost, operational and other advantages of next-generation networking?
  • How can you begin your business’ journey towards next-generation data centre networking?

Next-generation networking has already been pioneered to enormous advantage by hyperscale data centre operators like Microsoft, Facebook and Google. Now, thanks to a new generation of open software and hardware solutions, it is becoming increasingly simple for the rest of us to build and manage our networks on these same principles.

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