Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM): e-Guide.

Unnecessary downtime and operational inefficiency at the physical infrastructure layer cost millions in lost revenue and missed business opportunities every year.

The benefits of IIMBut tackling the problem is far from easy.

In their quest for greater operational efficiency, availability, flexibility and performance, those responsible for the modern IT infrastructure face huge challenges.

So is intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) the solution – or part of the solution – you need?

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The Benefits of IIM: first steps towards a smarter infrastructure looks at the challenges facing today’s infrastructure managers, and the ways in which an intelligent infrastructure system can contribute to  the solution.


  • The case for smarter infrastructures: what are the key issues facing today’s infrastructure from the data centre to the workplace?
  • What is a smarter infrastructure? What are the key features and technologies involved in a truly smart infrastructure?
  • What is intelligent infrastructure management (IIM), and how does it compare with traditional ‘passive’ infrastructure?
  • What are the benefits of IIM, not just in operational efficiency and uptime, but also across security, audit and compliance, energy management and more?

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