When one network isn’t enough

Bring Your Own Device in the multi-network environment

Across the UK an increasing number of businesses are moving away from using landlines and ‘going mobile’. According to the communications regulator Ofcom, back in 2010 UK firms used more than 10m landline numbers; but by the end of 2017, that number had fallen by 35% to 6.4m.

As an example, PwC, one of the world’s largest accountancy firms, with 24 offices across the UK (employing around 18,000 people) recently announced plans to remove all their landlines from office desks by the end of this summer, claiming that ‘the shift to a “mobile first” culture made sense in the modern working environment’.

This move to mobile has been instrumental in the increasing popularity of BYOD policies, which allows employees to work on their own personal phones. The benefits of BYOD are significant and can really open a business up to a more relaxed and efficient workplace that will benefit both employees and the company. Staff can work securely from anywhere, on whichever device they choose – cutting costs and increasing productivity. Other benefits of BYOD include:

  • Cost Savings – the business can reduce hardware spend.
  • Employee satisfaction – staff have the flexibility to choose their preferred device.
  • Reduction in training costs – users are already familiar with their handsets and operating system.
  • Reduction in hardware costs – people are less likely to lose or damage their own property.

But the advantages of BYOD can only really be appreciated if everyone within the workplace benefits from consistent coverage quality. Continuous, reliable cellular coverage should be available to all users, across all networks.

This creates a challenge, in that it is rare that all the networks are all available with good quality – particularly inside a ‘typical’ corporate HQ.

An ExcelRedstone digital In-Building Cellular system can address this issue, delivering perfect 4G services from all the networks and distributing them over a single infrastructure and using efficient Ethernet architecture to make the deployment as unintrusive as possible.

This solution isn’t just limited to Enterprise either. Universities, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, sports stadiums…. Any indoor space where large numbers of people gather (bringing with them devices which are checked approximately every 12 mins) is expected to have continuous, reliable cellular coverage as standard in order to enhance the ‘visitor experience’.

Thanks to years of research and development , and working in conjunction with technology solutions partners and the MNO’s ExcelRedstone, with our new industry leading IBC solution can finally deliver constant connectivity for every mobile user in any space. Our latest IBC solution eliminates all the obstacles previously associated with indoor mobile coverage roll out, particularly dispensing with the need for bulky on-site Network Operator equipment.

For more information on the next generation digital In Building Cellular Solution, please email ibc@excelredstone.com for more information, or visit our website here https://www.excelredstone.com/smart-building-services/in-building-cellular/