What lies beneath?

There’s more to the new look at Excel than meets the eye…

2011 was a pretty significant year for Excel. On a purely commercial level we won important new contracts across all areas of our business – for design and installation projects, for Business-As-Usual support in both the data centre and desktop arenas, and for our growing range of professional infrastructure services.

On a capability level, it was the year in which we began to roll out XactTM, a powerful new customer-designed and built MIS tool which we know is going to make a huge difference to our customers in the future.  We were also able to welcome a number of high calibre employees at all levels, significantly boosting our resources in key areas.

But while all of this was going on, we were also carefully building a platform for future growth via a fundamental review of what we do, how we do it and how we communicate those things with our customers.

On the surface at least, the result of this is our new brand – a new logo, a new website at www.excelredstone.com, new business cards and so on. And of course staying up to date on all those things is important. But if you scratch that surface, you’ll find there’s a bit more to it than some new colours.

The Excel rebrand started not in the design studio but in direct discussions with a representative sample of our customer base. We wanted to know exactly what they thought of us – where we were succeeding, where we were not, and in what ways we could best support them in the future. It was the feedback from this that was to underpin a fundamental and extensive review and redevelopment of everything we do at Excel.

The result is XceedTM, an integrated service delivery model which captures a unique combination of systems, processes and tools designed to ensure Excel continues to support customers at the highest level on every project, every contract and every individual assignment.

XceedTM is a model which has been built around a business vision that emphasises the lifecycle role of IT infrastructure – an understanding that far from being stewards of a static installation, the IT managers we work with are responsible for IT environments which must continually evolve to support and indeed drive improved business performance.

That understanding ensured we put continuous improvement at the heart of XceedTM. In rigorously reviewing and, where necessary, revising all our processes, we have been working to ensure that innovation, evolution and continuous two-way communication are recognised as being every bit as important as the high-quality and consistent delivery for which Excel has established its reputation over the last 23 years.

And that is really the point about the new branding and all of the elements which sit alongside it. None of it – the XceedTM service delivery model, the XactTM software platform, the new marketing materials – replace for a moment the things which our customers have traditionally prized about us :  the values of great service, expertise and above all the genuine, ‘human’ face which we hope continues to characterise the ‘Excel experience’. Instead, we believe that what we have done is to build on that successful formula, not so much with the new look or website, but with new ways of approaching our work and a suite of services and tools that have been carefully optimised to ensure that Excel is best placed to inject the energy, ideas and innovation that our customers’ require, and to keep doing so long into the future.

To see the new branding, or to read more about XceedTM, XactTM and our complete suite of IT infrastructure services, please visit www.excelredstone.com