What key steps can businesses take to find IT peace of mind in uncertain times?

Ensuring you have the right tools for the job is essential, whatever your trade. When it comes to protecting your business you would likely assume you have everything covered, until something goes wrong.

No one is safe, with Disney the latest to fall victim to this threat that many won’t know exists until it is too late.

Is 100% peace of mind, 100% of the time an achievable goal? Contrary to popular belief, what prevents an outbreak of a virus today is typically no longer a valid form of prevention tomorrow. You must view the security of your systems as a living organism that needs to constantly adapt and evolve in order to survive. This is evident when you look at the recent issues faced by the NHS, where it is reported that nearly 5% of computers used still operate on Windows XP, a software dating back almost 20 years.

It is times like these that business needs to listen to the experts. A consultancy service like that offered by ExcelRedstone is imperative to any modern business operating in the digital space. Such a service offers the tools and the support to ensure that everything you have worked hard to build is secure, no matter the scale of your operation.

Human vs. Computer

The type of virus a computer might see infect its software shares more than just its name with that a human might contract. If the human body is infected with a virus the body reacts by building antibodies. These antibodies are built specifically to fight this strain of the virus only. It does not make you immune forever. Similarly, your system may have the most up to date antivirus protection but this only protects you until the next wave of new virus’ come along.

So what can you do?

Utilising experts through services like ExcelRedstone means you are provided with the tools you need to identify, capture where possible, diagnose and repair your system, without you having to get your hands dirty. In the most extreme of circumstances, having these tools makes repairs less time consuming and reduces data loss so you can get back to doing what you do best. Minimal disruption to your business and maximum productivity.

We are seeing these very real threats in the headlines daily. Why compromise on the very foundation of your business?

Is cost a barrier to protection?

We can only give you a view as to how ExcelRedstone could help you stay safe digitally, but this quick estimate shows that a high degree of business protection is not out of reach. Total Protection example package would typically include:

  • Real-time replication of 5 x servers (based on 100gb data each).
  • Recovery time objective of 1 hour.
  • 24/7 server patching and monitoring.
  • 25 users with full 24/7 support, AV, AM, patching and warranty asset management.

This level of service would be delivered for £855 per month. We believe the damage to reputation, loss of data and productivity costs far more than this figure, not to mention having peace of mind.

Thanks for reading this and if this does strike a chord then give the team at ExcelRedstone a call on 0208 661 4652 quote reference: REPLICATION

We can provide the consultancy, the tools, and the support to ensure that everything you have worked hard to build is protected.