Voice & Video Collaboration.

Our second generation voice & video platform provides enterprise-class software and functionality at a price point that makes it attractive to every business.

The platform leverages software used by the likes of BT, Deutsche telecom and Verizon. It runs consistently on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android, providing call, chat, presence, meeting management and voice/video conferencing facilities.


The core system allows a large variety of handset options and covers the mainstream features such as IVR, groups and queues as well as recording and reporting.


Our mobile service is powered primarily by Three, however is provided with the multi-net option meaning a handset can connect to any network within range under the same minutes/data plan.


We provide a wide range of Apple, Windows and Android handsets at wholesale costs.



Traveller bolt-ons are available to reduce roaming costs and data charges and can be activated for short periods.

Simple Tariffs

We are keeping things simple. All our plans provide unlimited minutes and texts so all you have to choose is the amount of data you need. When you reach your allowance, we won’t cut you off but we will send you an alert to make sure you know. 4G is included as standard.

Number Porting

As you would expect, your numbers can come with you. Our service desk is available 24/7 to make sure it happens without issue and guide you through the process.

Business Support

We hold stock of business SIM’s and handsets allowing us to provide a rapid response if equipment is lost or stolen, disabling its use and immediately shipping you a replacement.

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