Virtual Servers | ExcelRedstone

Virtual Servers.

ExcelRedstone provides a comprehensive server hosting service.


Our cloud platform allows customers to house any services from any location, supported by our MPLS network for best speed and quality access.


Not limited to ‘cloud only’ systems, ExcelRedstone has an in-house designed cloud appliance that can be deployed to each or any customer sites to provide maximum local performance while maintaining continuous off-site replication to one of the datacentres.

Fully Featured

Our appliances are completely software defined units with built in modules for server hosting, desktop hosting, a software defined network and a fully featured unified threat firewall.


Appliances can be clustered for additional resource of for fault tolerance.

ExcelRedstone hosting services are full scalable for use by for small, medium and enterprise-level organisations alike.

Our service features:

  • Hosting from the core platform or from on-site applicance(s)
  • Complete continuous server and data backup
  • Continuous server replication
  • Server and application level support
  • Provided as a simple monthly subscription
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