Virtual Desktops.

ExcelRedstone’s virtual desktop service is an enterprise-class desktop replacement service.


Easily capable of running 4-6 screen desktops the service is designed for full time usage, allowing staff a completely consistent experience whether working from the office, home or on the move.


The universal client allows Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple IPad or Android tablets to consume the service with an identical unifying experience.


All business software and data is held completely securely within the platform rather than manually applied to each business PC meaning no data gets accidently saved outside the network.


The virtual desktop service can be delivered centrally from one of the local proximity datacentres or can be deployed in hybrid mode for sites where connectivity is not ready for the task.

ExcelRedstone’s high power, high performance virtual desktop service, now in its 3rd generation, is powered by Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp.

Virtual desktop service features include:

  • Built on its own high performance hosts
  • Physical desktop performance rival
  • Business continuity as standard
  • All licensing included
  • Complete data security
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