Service Desk.

The ExcelRedstone service desk solution provides critical support to all network and server infrastructure on a 24-hour basis, proactively resolving hundreds of incidents a day.


We monitor the behaviour of systems down to the event logs to ensure we pick up and action every hiccup.

Our staff support is also available 24 hours a day via phone, email and chat. Within London we provide a 1 hour on-site response, for all other UK and international locations we provide a standard 4-hour response.

Reporting & Service Improvement

Customers are provided with a regular, simple to understand report pack covering system performance, support service, staff feedback, business risks and suggested improvements.

Risk Report

Our systems automatically check for risks both internal & external.

System Performance Report

We monitor, optimise and report on performance of all systems in use by your business.

Service Quality Report

We provide on-going statistical reporting of our service obligations to your company.

Service Improvement Plan

Using a combination of details, security, performance and risk tools combined with staff feedback and technology improvements we provide detailed plans for your business services.

Compliance Report

Maintain visibility of your compliance commitments.

We run a centralised management system which provides clients with clear ticketing information, a full asset management dashboard and access to current disaster recovery and backup reports.


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