Virtual Infrastructure Platform (CVIP).

With a platform built originally in 2008 in partnership with VMware as part of the first vCloud ‘infrastructure as a service’, ExcelRedstone’s Commensus team has been at the cutting edge of managed hosting from the start.


Now in our 4th generation of the platform we provide the fastest technically available solution for both server power, storage data access and network connectivity.

With local proximity nodes in East, West and Central USA, South America, UK and mainland Europe as well as India, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. While our customers are 99% headquartered in Europe, they invariably have international offices that need local systems and staff support.

Every Application, Every Device

Perfect consistency and staff mobility with all your critical applications in your own business ‘App Store’ on Windows, Mac, Linux, tablet or smartphone.

Economies of Scale

This complete IT eliminates hardware and maintenance costs, and enables accurate budget forecasting with flexible pricing


ISO27001 certified with 24x7x365 staff support, our platform ensures business continuity, direct escalation and regular reporting.

Our platform provides a consistent and secure global platform from 18 international cities. This allows us to provide local services to local staff but also ensure business data remains in the required countries.

Platform features and benefits include:

The return on investment report that we produce for each customer has consistently shown that our solution results in a reduction in IT spend in real terms. We can achieve this through the efficiency of our customer service desk and projects team, our continual investment in new technologies and the reduction in multiple overlapping suppliers.
We are open and in the office 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including Christmas and the New Year. We provide experienced and immediate support for staff working from the office, home or abroad with escalation in place throughout every shift should a system issue arise. Your business, your staff, your data and your security are in safe hands.
We do not operate a 1st line or call handling tier of staff. Experience and feedback has shown that customers do not want a call back, they want to speak to the person who will go on to fix the issue. We therefore staff our service desk with 2nd and 3rd line technical staff only. We guarantee calls will be picked up within 30 seconds and the person answering will be the one who deals with the incident.
We are a process-driven organization which allows us to design, provision and support over 1000 customer systems. We are also however flexible in our approach to ensure that efficiency is not lost through excessing procedures. We base our project management methods on a Prince2 framework and our service delivery on ITIL best practices.
Our NOC team runs 24 hours a day with the sole job of monitoring and responding to both expected and unexpected events. We proactively monitor all systems (both customer and internal) to ensure we catch as many issues before they become apparent. We then utilise a large server testing estate to check patching and updates before applying to live servers. If a bad patch is found (as is often the case) it is blacklisted until the vendor releases an update which we then re-test.
Many of our customers have branch offices both in the UK and internationally. We have developed a fast and simple method of interconnection that requires nothing more than internet access at the remote site. There is no complicated equipment to set up, no VPN’s to manage and all business traffic and data can be delivered securely. The same method is often used for key staff that work more frequently from home and who would benefit from a seamless connection.
Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is a significant part of the solution we provide to our customers. We investigate, compile and report back to your business on initiatives that we believe will fundamentally improve the working practice. Within each initiative we explain what, why, how and budget if there is an associated cost. Initiatives are both internal to us where we will be improving an existing service and external where we are considering business critical applications.
Our managed platform provides global access for your end users, wherever they may be in the world and from whatever devise they may be using. Our clients enjoy complete, secure access; ensuring end user productivity where ever they need to work.
Our managed platform provides complete client side control and ownership. We understand that outsourcing your entire IT estate to a 3rd party comes with some potential risks. What would happen if the managed service provider was to go bust or be acquired by another organisations? How quickly can I access my data and services if I need to migrate to another provider? Our on-site application service gives clients complete control and ownership in the event of change in situation.
Our managed platform provides market-leading connectivity & resilience. Not reliance on a single connectivity provider, we have wholesale agreements with all major fiber providers ensuring high quality and low cost connectivity for all our clients.

Our clients also enjoy the assurance that their IT service is security replicated via our virtual hyper-visor software. This allows us to offer market-leading disaster recovery times, essential to ensure a business never suffers in the event of hardware failure.

Our Managed Platform has robust security tools in place to ensure your data remains private and protected from external attacks. These tools include anti-virus, anti-spam and web filtering as well as advanced treat protection and intrusion detection.

All our clients get the chance to understand their current security position via our Security Audit Service which highlights any immediate security risks by bench marking against the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme

We maintain monthly reports detailing your overall security position. The report includes: detailed review of current security policies on a network and local machine basis; detailed list of all network ‘shares’ by computer, highlighting access and permissions; detailed list of internet content accessibility; detailed list of security holes, warnings from a scan of all 65,535 open ports.

Our clients enjoy market leading email protection via our secure email gateway tools, ensuring all email data is protected against rouge spear-phishing attempts through advanced threat detection and sophisticated encryption layers.

Our monitoring tools also give us the ability to oversee all security threat attempts and adjust our service accordingly.

Our key focus is on the delivery of quality services to staff members. Core to that is the ability for staff to consume every business application and all business data in the most efficient and productive manner possible. In order to facilitate this we provide every business with an ‘App Store’ containing all important applications. The App Store can then be accessed and used on any device.


Security & Compliance

ExcelRedstone provides both the technical security layers ranging from network to desktop and server as well as process auditing and management to ensure data is handled correctly.

Powered by Sophos, ExcelRedstone delivers the complete portfolio of security measures from perimeter firewalls and intrusion detection, email and web cleansing, through to sever, desktop and laptop antivirus and anti-malware. We provide full machine or selective encryption as well as email encryption. Finally, we have a full data forensics suite that can track and report the access, movement and usage or any business data for immediate or later investigation.

We are an IASME/CESG accredited auditor allowing us to assess and certify organisations against the government cyber essentials and cyber essentials PLUS standards.

Key Facts

  • End to end security framework
  • Network perimeter security
  • Server, Desktop and Laptop security
  • Data encryption
  • Data forensics
  • IASME/CESG Accredited auditor



Business Continuity

From 2013 full disaster recovery and business continuity became a standard throughout our service portfolio. From a single virtual server or desktop through to voice and security services, every customer service is subject to multi-site replication and recovery.

Recovery points are maintained for 48 hours from 5 second intervals and recovery of systems can be from 3 minutes if part of the automated DRM system.

Our unique disaster recovery management system (DRM) is an in-house built system that is capable of bespoke application monitoring and event triggering. We build custom sensors in order to replicate the user or system experience in order to trigger events if they are not behaving as expected.

Key Facts

  • Standard across all services and all locations
  • Continuous replication of all systems and data
  • Recovery points as small as 5 seconds
  • Recovery times a little as 3 minutes
  • Supported by fully redundant network architecture
  • User experience testing rather than ‘can we ping it’


VL level replication

Key Vendor Products

Simpana, CommVault – This is our core data protection system.
• Offsite backup of data and applications can occur from every 15 minutes and there is very rich application support (see Backup and Recovery Agents).
• We provide the platform, management and licensing ‘as a service’ all bundled into a single per GB pricing model that is scaled on volume.
• Customer facing portal for granular item recovery or actioned by our service desk – data can be restored to the original location, an alternate, or shipped physically.
• We have run the Simpana service for 8 years as a service provider

Zerto – This fills in the intra-day data loss gaps.
• We operate our Zerto platform with a maximum RPO goal of 60 seconds however if sufficient bandwidth is available the this can normally be around 10 seconds. We then retain 60 second backups of the entire server for default 48 hours (configurable) before we would instead look for data in Commvault.
• Recovery of entire virtual machines to our platform (accessible via MPLS or VPN)
• We have an exclusive Zerto management platform written in-house which provides server and application testing followed by automated Zerto failover workflows. We are the only Zerto partner to offer complete automation as well as extremely specific failover conditions. For example, we have a high frequency trading client, we protect their broker servers with Zerto and every 30 seconds we programmatically test that an end user can buy or sell shares. If the tests fail, we automatically fail over to the redundant copies. The RTO process takes around 4 minutes.
• Pricing is a simple, per protected server plus volume of data. Both costs are discounted according to volume.
• Customer portal contains current disaster recovery status, any current events and ability to suspend pending failures.

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