Start-up Smarter – IT for start-ups

Congratulations! You’ve entered the world of start-ups and now you are your own boss.

You’ve got a laptop and a list of potential clients but first, you’ll need to set up your back office IT systems including email hosting, business devices, backup, security, AV – the list seems to go on forever.

While you are searching online, getting quotes and setting up IT systems from multiple providers, time is taken away from sourcing valuable new clients and candidates.

Then when you’re ready to take on more staff you’ll need to consider a remote working solution, hosted PBX, file transfer and collaboration applications. And when you start to look for office space you’ll need to factor in connectivity, that’s your broadband and point-to-point connections.

Maybe that spreadsheet on your PC desktop isn’t that scalable after all…you’ll need to consider data security to meet industry regulation and legislation.

And what if you experience IT or telecoms downtime? It’s time-consuming contacting different providers to get back up and running again quickly – you don’t want to miss that all-important client email or phone call.

Having one expert service provider set up and manage your IT means you can concentrate on growing your business. Having your IT tailored for your business means it works the way you do:

Need a virtual meeting room on the fly? Done.

Need to push calls from your laptop to mobile? Done.

Pay monthly business SIM? Done.

GDPR compliant data security? Done.

Reduce the IT burden while freeing up time to grow your business with managed IT services from ExcelRedstone. Bundles for start-ups include critical applications such as email, phone and security services and add in more team members as you expand without any fuss – on a per user, per month flexi contract. Plus benefit from 24/7/365 phone and email support from our second line engineers.

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