Occupancy Management with ExcelRedstone & DeskQUERY

Occupancy & Space Management.

ExcelRedstone offers a unique and comprehensive service for space and occupancy management, designed to make the fully optimised corporate workspace a reality.

occupancy management

Our unique occupancy management solutions leverage the power of intelligent infrastructure and Internet of Things connectivity to meet the need of FM and real estate professionals to monitor, manage and optimise the use of space, energy and other resources within their buildings.

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The acclaimed DeskQUERY™ toolkit underpins sophisticated spatial planning and space management strategies.

First by accurately monitoring and analysing real-time space utilisation by floor, building or groups of buildings; and then by unlocking the cost and operational advantages of optimisation with its powerful moves management functionality.

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Whether occupancy management involves minor desk moves or relocations involving thousands of workstations, changes can be swiftly and efficiently implemented by ExcelRedstone’s moves, adds and changes (MAC) specialists.

Our experienced project management and engineering professionals successfully complete more than 62,000 desktop MACs every year.

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DeskQUERY™ online demo

DeskQUERY™ provides insight into your workspace utilisation so you can view office desk use, plan future office needs based upon actual requirements and maximise savings.

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Smart Buildings dashboard

A Smart Building dashboard provides you the information to make strategic decisions that impact productivity, well being, and efficiencies – effecting ongoing costs and helping future planning.

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Total space management from ExcelRedstone delivers an end-to-end solution for analysis, implementation and maintenance.

Occupancy Management Features

Harnessing the power of DeskQUERYTM to monitor existing space utilisation, analyse the result and identify effective move scenarios and options.

  • Assessment of space utilisation
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • Business liaison and consultancy to identify cost saving potential.
Budgeting, scheduling and risk assessment of moves scenarios, including:

  • Full cost analysis
  • Scheduling recommendations (churn analysis)
  • Risk assessment.
A market-leading end-to-end moves, adds and changes service, embracing:

  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Ownership of communications between all moves stakeholders
  • Move Matrix development, management and distribution
  • Management and administration of CAFM systems
  • Pre-move surveys and audits
  • IT and logistical moves
  • On-site post-move support
The ongoing monitoring of space utilisation, maintenance of floorplans/CAFM system, and ongoing moves for additional optimisation or day-to-day occupancy management.

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Optimising Workspace & Desk Utilisation: Why Optimisation Matters and How to Achieve IT reviews the drivers for occupancy management strategies, looks at the challenges and assesses the available hardware & software solutions.


Occupancy management benefits include:

  • Increased desk and space utilisation
  • Reduced annual real estate costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced carbon costs and impacts
  • Improved occupant experience and operational efficiency



Now read more about DeskQUERY™, the acclaimed space and occupancy management toolkit designed to give corporate FM and real estate managers the information they need to understand, rationalise and manage their use of desk, meeting and other workspaces.

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