Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Physical Security Information Management.

Our PSIM solutions consolidate live data from multiple security applications and building systems – including cameras, access readers and network sensors – onto a powerful open protocol platform to monitor activity, pinpoint potential problems and trigger alerts.

PSIM solutions offer countless benefits including improved situation awareness, increased control and greater efficiency.

At the same time, intelligence analysis can detect trends and reveal new opportunities to improve performance, create value-added services and enhance occupants’ experience.

Intuitive dashboards, analytics and diagnostic tools make it easy to view, manage and coordinate all activity via a single user interface so that issues can be proactively resolved before they escalate.

Key features and benefits:

  • Convergence – seamless integration of your IT infrastructure across disparate systems means all access control and security data is available on one screen
  • Analytics – smart software to rapidly identify and prioritise situations that need attention
  • Validation – situation data is presented in an easy-to-digest format for rapid verification
  • Resolution – step-by-step best practice instructions and tools to resolve the situation fast
  • Reporting – capture all data required for legal, reporting, training and compliance processes
  • Integration – as an independent integrator, we specify best-of-breed systems from world-leading vendors, to create bespoke solutions precisely tailored to your needs and budget, while acting as a single point of contact, simplifying procurement and ensuring total 24/7 accountability.

Covering all stages of the security solution lifecycle for LSQ London:

“ExcelRedstone’s innovative approach met all of our requirements and more. Delivering the smart security solution with a high standard of professionalism is enabling us to manage risk, optimise efficiency and maximise appeal.

“With such a versatile solution, we can ensure our tenants benefit both from core security and access control functions and the freedom to install the additional systems they want to control their own dedicated space”

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