IP Surveillance.

Yesterday’s stand-alone CCTV deployments have evolved rapidly into a new generation of IP-integrated solutions, offering previously unimagined levels of system integration, management and reliability alongside lower total cost of ownership.



Running surveillance or CCTV cameras – wireless or wired – over your IP network brings multiple benefits and savings, giving you far more flexibility to safeguard people, protect property and mitigate risk, 24/7.

With the right network capacity, the latest high-definition (HD) surveillance cameras, digital video recorders and video management systems (VMS) deliver consistently fast performance, resilience and high-quality images that are easy to retrieve, store and manage.

Best in Class

We specify best-of-breed systems from world-leading vendors, creating bespoke solutions precisely tailored to your needs and budget.


ExcelRedstone provides a single point of contact for all IP security requirements, simplifying procurement and ensuring total 24/7 accountability.


We can design, consult, implement and support a full range of IP-based solutions, with highly scalable bespoke installations and complete vendor independence.

Best-of-breed networked security solutions across the commercial, healthcare, education, manufacturing and hospitality sectors, including specialist applications such as datacentre security.

Key features and benefits of our IP security solutions include:

  • Multiple technologies, with a wide choice of cameras (bullet, dome, PTZ, infra-red, motion-detection, etc.)
  • Reduce complexity, with solutions developed with usability in mind, allowing them to be managed by non-experts with far greater ease and flexibility than traditional CCTV systems.
  • Easy to configure and maintain, with the ability to tailor alerts in line with your priorities.
  • Reduce costs, by reducing complexity (while increasing camera and positioning choices), and reducing cabling (by powering cameras by Ethernet over the network).
  • Improve image quality, with high image quality HD cameras which can record more detail (so fewer cameras are required).
  • Total scalability – IP cameras need only IT network access, enabling rapid extension

Smart Surveillance for Dorsett Hospitality International

ExcelRedstone delivered a high level of professionalism throughout our engagement. They understood our priorities and acted quickly to provide decisive advice, overcome challenges and resolve any problems fast.

“Thanks to the team’s specialist expertise, Dorsett City will benefit from high-quality, highly resilient surveillance, enhancing the guest experience and help to establish its reputation as a desirable new destination hotel.

For total building security and control from centralized or remote locations, often in critical applications such as datacentre management, video security can be integrated into IT networks and systems for HVAC control, electrical distribution and access control.

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