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Audio Visual.

ExcelRedstone delivers enterprise-level AV solutions designed to meet the needs of sectors including commercial / corporate, education and healthcare.



From a single classroom smart board to a comprehensive command-and-control hub for a global datacentre footprint, ExcelRedstone delivers highly scalable, vendor-independent bespoke AV installations.

By bringing people together with enhanced productivity and presentation tools, businesses not only reduce travel time and cost but create the very best environment for closer, richer collaboration among distributed teams.

Our comprehensive service covers the installation, integration and support of a full range of technologies and applications

Networked / IP-based AV systems and IPTV

Smarter work starts with smarter workspaces. Networked AV systems, IPTV and interactive displays are increasingly replacing traditional projectors and flipcharts in the meeting room, creating richer, more productive working environments for everyone.

Interactive displays and technologies make every meeting a more productive, visual and interactive experience, helping the whole group to engage and instantly capturing contributions, ideas and actions.

Multi-site videoconferencing & telepresence suites.

Cloud-based video conferencing allows your people to connect to anyone, anywhere. These virtual meeting spaces have never been easier to use or more affordable, allowing your people to build stronger relationships, save time and money, and work more flexibly than ever before.

We implement and support a wide range of videoconferencing and telepresence solutions, including those which interface with the increasingly popular Microsoft Lync.

Digital signage

Windows, Linux or cloud-based systems ensure a suitable signage solution for every situation.

Windows can provide an easy-to-use, reliable and scalable system for many office and commercial environment, while Linux can naturally operate independently of a Windows-based infrastructure – ideal for retail outlets and centres for example.

For multi-location requirements, 3G or cloud-based solutions may be more appropriate.





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