Smart Building: Services.

With the ICT network now at the heart of modern buildings management, ExcelRedstone has established itself as a leading partner for the deployment of smart building solutions.

Technology is transforming the way our buildings are used and managed. If the vast array of solutions that are now deployed in buildings are to operate in a seamless and integrated manner, a new approach to contracting and management is required.

We understand these challenges, and help our clients respond with a unique methodology designed to align all parties and sub-systems in a truly converged IP network.



Explore the groundbreaking space analysis and desk utilisation toolkit that delivers the information you need to understand, rationalise and manage your use of space.


in-building cellular

In-Building Cellular (IBC)

Make ‘not-spots’ a thing of the past with our advanced range of In Building Cellular (IBC) solutions.


Audio Visual

Audio Visual

Comprehensive AV service covering the installation, integration and support of a full range of technologies and applications



Access Control

Access control solutions which gives you flexible control over who is allowed to enter every building or area, and at what times.


IP surveillance

IP Surveillance

A new generation of IP-integrated security solutions, for system integration, management, reliability and lower total cost of ownership.



Smart BMS

Smart building management technologies and space optimisation to drive value for owners, developers, landlords and occupants throughout the lifecycle of a building.


The advantages of a single infrastructure reach into almost every aspect of a building — including reduced up-front construction costs, lower life-cycle costs, improved system management, enhanced back-office reporting, better service, and proactive maintenance.

Buildings are more complex than ever before, technologies are smarter, and our clients are demanding more from their workplace along with greater efficiencies and higher security within their buildings.

ExcelRedstone has proven processes that can be scaled and implemented from blueprint designs through to an operational managed service for clients. We understand the challenges our clients face and address them early through a methodology that aligns all parties and sub-systems in a converged IP network.

We have mastered the integrator role and provide a dedicated service that provides flexibility and choice with certainty to deliver the business outcome desired.

Through alignment and communication of design, pre-staging, implementation, commissioning, security and validation, the outcome of multi-vendor/system contracts becomes a known entity and risk is significantly reduced for the contractor and client alike.

Key benefits of our smart building solutions include:

  • Reduce Opex – reduce long term operating costs through single network convergence
  • Future proof – manage long-term security, compliance and validation
  • Accountability – contractual responsibility for delivery of the converged network
  • Mitigate risk – contractual and client risk, through a managed and proven process
  • Early warning – identification of issues early, minimising costs for clients, contractors and suppliers
  • Software tools – a toolset that has been developed to assist in the delivering of complex IP infrastructures
  • Flexibility – in a network infrastructure that can be tailored to meet future occupant demands
  • Best of breed – competitive bidding on sub systems that encourages best of breed solutions
  • Avoid lock-in – single proprietary solutions being procured with long term client ‘lock-in’

Smart Buildings in their very nature require integration of multiple systems communicating with each other and as every system has some mechanism to interact with another, managing this effectively becomes a role within itself.

As a smart building specialist ExcelRedstone can help you take away the unknowns and replace them with accountability, process and visibility.

Our proven process has been developed over a number of years to deliver a fully converged network that allows interoperability, security and convergence within a typical construction project framework.

Early engagement will ensure all system providers are aware of the process that needs to be followed. This process should be documented in the specification of any sub-system that is to utilise the facilities network to ensure a common and compliant approach across the project.

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