Parallel lines: 25 years of Excel & technology innovation

Excel is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, but of course we’re not alone.

1989 was the year in which Sky began broadcasting the UK’s first satellite television service, Wallace & Gromit burst on to our screens in A Grand Day Out, and Brit-pop pioneers Suede got together in Camden to launch their assault on the charts.

None of these were the really big news in 1989 though. That honour goes to the work of Tim Berners-Lee, who was busy in a Cern laboratory developing the concepts for what would go on to become known as ‘the world wide web’.

Quite a significant piece of work, as it turned out…

So, Excel was there at the birth of the modern internet age. And ever since, our growth and development has taken place step-by-step with a host of amazing technology breakthroughs.

Some have fundamentally changed the IT infrastructure environment in which we work; some have transformed our home and social lives; others have flopped and quickly faded from memory (anyone remember the ‘phone tooth’?).

To celebrate the side-by-side evolution of Excel and all this amazing technology, we’ve produced a new timeline infographic – Parallel Lines: 25 Years of Excel and Technology Innovation

For all of us involved in technology and computing it’s been a fascinating and fun journey down memory lane (can you remember what must-have consumer product began life as Project Dulcimer?).

And, for those of you with an interest in futurology, we’ve also added a few thoughts about how it might all go wrong, and then right again, over the next 25 years!

You can download the new infographic here, and visit our anniversary download for the full story of Excel’s 25 years.