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ExcelRedstone specialises in the use of smart technology to help FM and real estate professionals manage buildings and optimise workplaces across local, regional or global estates.

IP and network technology has transformed the management and control of the modern workplace.

Using the principles and technology of what has increasingly become known the Internet of Things, ExcelRedstone can help you monitor network data from devices around a building or wider estate and reference that against information from other intelligent building sub-systems and databases.

The result is a continuous real-time insight and analysis into how each space is being used, central control and management of business-critical systems, and a compelling range of cost, operational and environmental / social wins.





Workspace Optimisation

Comprehensive workspace and occupancy management solutions, leveraging the acclaimed DeskQUERY™ toolkit to analyse desk and workspace utilisation in real time, and then moves management to unlock the cost and operational advantages of optimisation.

User Empowerment

Improve operational efficiency across the organisation with DeskQUERY™’s user -based features, including hot-desk booking and people finding functionality.

Building Control

Networked solutions for access control, CCTV and AV systems to provide total control and visibility over your built environment at the press of a button.

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Case Study

DeskQUERY™ solution delivers real time desk utilisation data to global financial services client.
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Optimising Desk and Workspace Utilisation: unlocking the potential of your real estate.

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