Moving to a new office and wondering which mobile network offers the best service?

Given that radio waves are invisible to the human eye, it’s no surprise that many company moves rely on the assumption there will be mobile coverage everywhere it’s needed inside the new premises.

But all too often businesses move into new premises only to find their assumption was wrong, and there can be little to no mobile signal, with calls dropping or disconnecting. With flexible working hours and agile workspaces, more and more businesses are removing landlines and going mobile, so the disruption caused while this is resolved could be disastrous.

Our reliance on smart phones for business and personnel communications continues to grow at a rapid pace. According to Wired magazine, in less than two years’ time a smartphone will be our single device, replacing laptops and all our other devices. And Ofcom supports this: it found that two thirds of us use a smartphone to surf the internet for an average of two hours a day, with a third of us viewing our smartphone as our primary method for keeping in touch. It’s no surprise that coverage has become an essential part of our feeling of well-being. Resolving the signal issue is key if companies are to embrace their employees mobile habits and avoid a potential drop in employee productivity.

So before you move into a new office, or commit to a new network provider, consider the following to ensure mobile coverage and avoid all that stress and disruption:

Commission a simple, independent unbiased survey to understand how effective each networks services are inside your new building. Based on the floor layouts, particularly important areas can be singled out quickly (such as the bosses office!).

The survey is an effective planning resource, something which if a solution is required, allows an informed decision on the strategy to be taken months in advance of your occupation date.

Possession of a report is also a prerequisite to attaining Wired Scores Platinum category, the accepted accreditation for digital connectivity.

By investing in an ExcelRedstone Mobile Coverage Evaluation Survey, you can have peace of mind regarding your offices’ mobile phone service.

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