Mobile Field Engineers at your service!

The performance of an organisation’s IT infrastructure is fundamental to its operational efficiency. One of many challenges faced by businesses with multiple sites or regional offices across the country is how best to offer 24/7/365 IT Infrastructure support when faults or planned work requirements arise. Therefore, how best can you support your field offices, retail sites and comms rooms across the country?

Comprehensive UK and Ireland coverage is essential for organisations with regional offices. There are many viable challenges associated with regional office support; for example, identifying and escalating issues, determining what sort of response is required (some of which are contractually based) and allocating the appropriate engineer. Employing a network of trained engineers that is already established and can provide incident fix and change responses based upon pre-determined and agreed service level agreements can provide enterprises huge benefits.

Managed Services from ExcelRedstone are flexible and can be tailored to meet specific client requirements. Our Mobile Field Engineers (MFEs) operate either two hour, four hour or next business day response times according to your needs. Furthermore, these are guaranteed response times – not best endeavours.

The work we do ensures our clients remain continuously operational in key areas, providing support and repair services including (but not limited to) equipment replacement (telephones, headsets etc) and connectivity issues (patching, IP connectivity) through to MADC (moves, adds, deletions, changes). A comprehensive list of the range of services we provide can be found here. Our provision is continually evolving as the demands of our clients change and technology develops.

For incident and requests we provide a single point of contact through our Service Desk which means we have a centrally allocated support system to help meet clients’ SLAs. More importantly, it means we prioritise the response according to request and allocate the appropriate MFE. The SLAs we have in place are driven by importance and urgency, but also by pre-agreed arrangements. And not to understate the point, our response means an MFE attending a call out with the purpose of making the ‘fix’ happen, according to the call out recorded.

ExcelRedstone engineers undergo continuous improvement strategies as we look to enhance field engineer’s technical competencies. Our clients expect us to be proactive with their account and provide support as an extension of their own headcount. Therefore, if we spot an issue, we put it right, provide information and evidence to that effect, and share it at review meetings. We continue to develop our teams and our propositions so we extend the reach – this could be field based, support desk based, or however the client wishes us to support them.
We share a common philosophy with our clients and adopt a proactive and collaborative approach ensuring we’re aware of their development strategies and plan support accordingly.

As an example of the scope of services ExcelRedstone can offer click here to read the case study for a major retail bank we support. For any further information about our Mobile Field Engineer service, please contact us on and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.