IT Infrastructure News | May 2012

Bigger, faster, cleaner… these are just a few of the cabling, network and datacentre stories which have caught our eye over the last few weeks. Remember to follow us on @excel_it for regular updates and news.

Bigger – CERN datacentre capacity ‘bigger than rest of Hungary’

Budapest has been chosen as the site for the new data-processing centre of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research – better known as CERN.

Among its many roles, the centre will process the results from CERN’s famous large hadron collider.

Set to be operational from 2013, it is claimed the $185m facility will have a bigger broadband capacity than the rest of Hungary combined.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Faster – R&M sets new standard for 40 Gigabit Ethernet

The Swiss cabling specialist R&M has set a new record for data transmissions over fibre optic cabling.

At a demonstration in Zurich, the company showed for the first time error-free 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE) data transmission over 550 meter long multimode cabling with nine MPO/MTP® connectors.

The results are approximately 60 percent above the previous benchmark and exceed the parameter defined by the IEEE 802.3ba standard by a multitude.

Source: R&M

Cleaner – Introducing carbon neutral cable

Brand-Rex has announced that its GigaPlus Category 5e and Cat6Plus Category 6 boxed cable ranges are now completely carbon neutral.

The assessment and accreditation process behind this has taken more than two years, during which Brand-Rex has been able to work out the carbon emissions created in the development and manufacture of these two leading products.

By establishing the total emissions – from the sourcing of the base materials, through to transportation and manufacture, and finally to delivery to the customer – the company is able to accurately offset those with projects that support and develop renewable energy sources.

Source: Brand-Rex