Impressive projects demand impressive partnerships

How fostering a relationship that encourages innovation leads to successful outcomes

I think one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that technology has been a great enabler – but ultimately that people are still the most vital component.

The at-home working drive won’t happen if your IT team isn’t up to scratch. The capacity won’t be there if talented people aren’t designing and building the infrastructure. And in every walk of life, from grocery delivery to online doctors’ appointments, people power is driving us forward.

I’ve often talked about the importance of people coming together to deliver successful projects. It’s a key component of our approach that has never wavered. The most outstanding technical projects are delivered by even more outstanding people.

I’m sure we’re all aware, and have perhaps participated in, the team building exercise where you have to fall back and trust your colleagues to catch you. We may grumble at such exercises at the time, but it does summarise an important lesson when working in business.

To be really successful you want to surround yourself by people that you trust, who will encourage you to innovate, help you learn from mistakes and support you along the way. That’s the sort of partnership that drives us forward.

It’s why we’re delighted to be a Gold Partner of Panduit, as one of our trusted partners who have been with us on our journey now for decades. As a leading global provider of network infrastructure solutions for enterprise-wide environments, from the data centre to the telecom room, from the desktop to the plant floor, their website sums it perfectly: they have a “a culture of curiosity, a passion for problem solving”. That has been vital as we work on pioneering projects in the smart building space where there isn’t always a clear roadmap as it’s not always been done before.

Fostering curiosity for Jefferies 100 Bishopsgate

It was that partnership, along with RWL Advanced Solutions, that allowed us to design and deliver a passive and flexible 1Gbps and 10Gbps distributed building wide infrastructure to support the internal building systems of Jefferies 100 Bishopsgate in London.

The building – situated seconds from Liverpool Street station – offers Jefferies 125,000 square feet of office space over 6 floors. It’s another significant development in the City of London.

Those partnerships allowed us to deliver a seamless project from pre-construction, through to delivery and handover. Once again, the domain knowledge and strong working relationships we have built over the years was key to ensuring successful delivery. Thank you to all those involved.

To find out more about the project read our Jefferies 100 Bishopsgate case study.