IBC: from conception to call clarity

I’ve discussed the drivers for in building cellular (IBC) and the importance of putting it on the boardroom agenda. Now, the reality: how do we make it happen? Poor signal is bad for business and bad for the user experience – but it can be fixed. First a word of warning: don’t assume that everything is okay in your facilities. With the lack of devolved responsibility and anecdotal evidence it could be IT, HR or facilities managers that are picking up reports of issues.

Take a proactive approach – even if the signal seems fine to you, look into doing a site survey.

Naturally I wouldn’t recommend this for a small office, but any place where you have a concentration of employees or the site is significantly important – e.g. a sales office, customer care centre or where customers visit – get the checks started now.If you’re planning to move to a new facility, again… start the process now.

Here are my key points for IBC success:

  • Remove that uncertainty – conduct onsite surveys, feasibility studies and existing network analysis before doing anything, as the scale of the issue will dictate the right solution.
  • Make it technology agnostic – it’s important to get the most efficient and affordable solution to meet your needs. Regardless of what technology, approach, manufacturer or product set – make sure you get the solution right for you.
  • Be aware of compliance requirements – there is a clear framework, set out by the UK Joint Operator Technical Standards (JOTS). It’ll guide the implementation and ongoing management of any IBC project, and you need to ensure your technology partner is up to speed
  • Plan for the long term – any serious IBC project needs to be backed up by ongoing support and maintenance in order to maintain the quality of your IBC solution.

With all these, and particularly for the last points, it’s important to get a technology partner that lives and breathes IBC. IBC is not a technology that you can just get your IT department to deploy internally. It’s also not something you can just plug-and-play and then forget.

This doesn’t mean it needs to be arduous to your organisation, but it does need experts with know-how who can make it work, ensure it continues to deliver, and keep up to date with whatever technological developments are around the corner.

That’s where ExcelRedstone can help. We recognise the importance and specialism of IBC within our team, having recruited IBC specialists. They live and breathe IBC and can bring their expertise and experience to your project. To take any uncertainty out of the process, we offer a fully managed IBC deployment and managed service – ensuring your buildings are fit for staff and customers alike to stay connected seamlessly. Lack of connectivity doesn’t have to be a problem that you tolerate. The solution doesn’t have to complicated. It just requires business leaders to wake up to the problem – even if it’s not apparent straight away – and begin the process of seeing if their facilities are fit for purpose.

We’re here to help, and we’ll wait for your call, if you’re able to make one….