Free your employees and business from rail disruption

Many key workers are dependent on the smooth running of transport links in order to fulfil their daily tasks. Is it time we took a different look at the office worker?

The simple truth is, being in the office is no measurement of individual productivity, in fact many tasks require an element of solitude in order to be productive. Consecutive research suggests people are happier in their jobs if they are given the freedom to be flexible. So why the reluctance to give people the option to work from home when the need arises?

One barrier was the need to access systems. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI has given key workers the ability to access business applications and data securely from any device from any where in the world. This technology supports flexible working within offices as well as outside of office environment.

Over the last 5 years we have seen the cost of this technology dramatically reduced thanks to increased competition and demand, making it accessible for all. Another barrier has been the need for co workers to collaborate on projects and ultimately documents. File sharing is now a cost effective reality and many departments are able to collaborate on the same document at the same time. Resulting in an increase in departmental output and individual productivity, even though the team may be scattered around the globe.

These cloud based solutions have always been seen by some with caution. Concerns of security and data ownership have prevented many from adopting these technologies to help increase the productivity and sanity of their staff. However recent advancement in on site applications has meant that clients retain their data and applications without having to rely on the performance of a 3rd party service provider.

With commuting an ever increasing concern for both employees and employers, now is a great time to discover the latest advances in VDI, helping serve the needs of the flexible work force.