ExcelRedstone signs collaboration agreement with Holistica

The new partnership will bolster ExcelRedstone’s delivery of smart workplaces

ExcelRedstone is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Holistica, the smart workspace company.

As a leader in the smart buildings market, ExcelRedstone has led the call for companies to optimise their real estate for the benefit of both employees and the bottom line for decades. This new partnership helps ExcelRedstone accelerate its delivery of smart building innovation.

“Regardless of the innovation we are seeing in remote working, getting together to collaborate and socialise will continue to play a part in our lives,” said Matt Salter, ExcelRedstone Sales Director. “The question is not if the office will continue to play a part in our lives. Instead, the question needs to be how will the office work smarter and more effectively for its stakeholders? Our partnership with Holistica will help us answer that question for our clients.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic drives a worldwide conversation about the future of our workplaces, companies are grappling with what is right for them. Even big tech is divided. Twitter says its employees can “work from home forever”, while Netflix chairman Reed Hastings has said he sees “no positives” in working from home.

As companies implement their change programmes, Holistica’s services help workplace transformation by managing the change holistically across real estate, HR, IT, change management and communications.

“We’re excited to partner with ExcelRedstone,” said Andrew Sharp at Holistica. “Their delivery capability is unrivalled, and together we can bring Holistica’s expertise to their smart buildings projects. With the world undergoing rapid change and making big decisions with long term consequences, it’s more important than ever to have a coherent transformation strategy.”

To discuss effective workplace transformation, contact ExcelRedstone at sales@excelredstone.com.