ExcelRedstone renew NPI Pretium status

Training is at the heart of what ExcelRedstone does. When you deliver everything from Stadiums to Data Centres to London’s skyscrapers, your team can’t succeed without appropriate skills.

I see effective delivery as three points on a triangle – and each component is vital:

  • Talent attraction. You need a great HR function, an appealing culture and the ability for your team members to work on varied projects that challenge them and help them grow.
  • Training investment. People won’t learn about an energy efficient building or how to build a data centre at school – it’s up to you to build the capability to train and develop your staff.
  • External training. Knowledge can’t grow in a vacuum. We bring the best practice we’ve learnt to our clients. So too, our external partners such as Corning Optical Communications bring their expertise to us.

The triangle won’t work if something is missing – the most trained employees won’t learn anything if they don’t get real life experience. Without external training you will live in a bubble, lose a key source of learning from your industry partners and customers have no external validation on your standards.

A vital partner for ExcelRedstone in that third piece has been Corning Optical Communications with its own in-house technical training programme. The skills they have delivered to our employees have been invaluable in our project delivery. They complement our Academy with first-class, practical knowledge of their products that is respected both within the industry and – most importantly – with our clients.

In an industry that is driven by advancement at a rapid pace, we want to remain ‘on our toes’.  All the training in the world can’t prepare you for the challenges that appear on a live site – and we invite Corning Optical Communications to do spot checks on any of our sites at any time.

ExcelRedstone prides itself on the development of its team members – which is why already over 30 of our engineers have undergone Corning Optical Communications training. I look forward to an even deeper partnership with Corning Optical Communications as they help us further our delivery excellence.