ExcelRedstone expands partner footprint to strengthen project delivery

Investment in partner programme and new locations to meet demand

ExcelRedstone is pleased to announce continued investment and the expansion of its partner programme, strengthening its worldwide project delivery capability.

The programme ensures ExcelRedstone has local labour in markets worldwide, all trained and assessed to meet ExcelRedstone’s rigorous standards on quality and safety.

As well as recruiting more partner organisations, ExcelRedstone is also setting up further regional operations in order to underpin its global project delivery.

“With COVID-19 affecting global travel, a local team is more vital than ever to support our customers,” said Barry Horgan, CEO. “We are accelerating recruitment of partners to support project delivery and setting up operations in new locations such as Delaware, USA. This allows us to be on the ground where our customers need us most.”

As well as its new Delaware operations, ExcelRedstone also has plans to strategically invest in seven new locations throughout 2020 including Singapore, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

These locations are in addition to the existing operations including the UK, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. ExcelRedstone also has access to teams in countries such as Israel, Italy, Sweden, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

As experts in flexible working and communications technology, ExcelRedstone is making use of its own technologies during the pandemic. As well as regular online communications to manage projects, video conferencing is being used so that teams can visually walk through a project site and carry out remote audits. This ensures the same rigour on standards is maintained.

The investment is all part of offering seamless project delivery to customers worldwide. “Our customers benefit from our decades of experience and industry-leading standards, deployed at a local level,” said Neil Smeaton, COO. “Customers receive the same service standard whatever or wherever their project is. Its global expertise delivered at a local level.”

Companies wishing to find out more about the ExcelRedstone partner program should contact us at sales@excelredstone.com