Excel @ 25 | The 5 Question Reflections Pt. 3

Throughout our 25th anniversary year, we’ve been asking people to share their thoughts and memories of Excel from those years.

Having already spoken to founding director Mark Smith and the man he’s known longest through Excel, Daryl Hoare, we thought it was high time we heard from one of the people without whom none of it would have been possible – a customer.

Dick Casselle worked with Excel from 1991 onwards; here he recalls a little of how things were, how they have changed, and how working with Excel once earned him one of the rarest accolades of all – a round of applause from the trading floor!

1.       How and when did your relationship with Excel start?

In 1991, when I was managing a project at Swiss Bank Corporation to physically integrate two trading floors and upgrade the comms network cabling and equipment. The project had to be executed at minimum cost and without any interruption to trading, which meant meticulous planning during the week followed at the weekend by faultless installations and physical relocations of trading desks and people. Excel were a key part of my project team.

2.       What has Excel meant to you during your association with the company

They’re guys who did a great job and were fun to work with. Even now, many years since we had a direct business association, I’m still pleased to meet my old Excel friends.

 3.       What has been the highpoint of your association with the company?

Although our ongoing relationship was fruitful, our first association – the 1991 trading floor integration project – was the unsurpassable highpoint. We quickly established mutual trust, we all worked very hard and enjoyed great team spirit.

At the end of the project, the Head of Trading and his management committee were so pleased they gave us a round of applause. Unbeatable!

4.       How has Excel changed in the time you have known it?

It’s grown like crazy, but that’s because they worked very hard and delivered a great service. Excel deserve the success they worked for.

 5.       Which three words do you think best describe Excel?

Competence. Quality. Trust.