DeskQUERY™ drives new levels of corporate real estate efficiency

Excel will be at The FM Event in October to launch DeskQUERY™ – an innovative real estate optimisation toolkit designed to give corporate FM and Real Estate managers a new level of insight into desktop and workspace usage.

This seamless and unobtrusive software solution represents a huge breakthrough for anyone concerned with managing and optimising the corporate workspace.

While spiralling real estate costs mean that each city desk space could easily cost £15,000 per annum to support, research suggests that perhaps only 40% of this corporate real estate is actually being used at any given time.

The problem has always been knowing exactly how that waste is occurring – something you can only tackle if you have access to accurate real-time data on what space and facilities are being used, when and by whom.

Up until now, attempts to do that have generally been based around a combination of self-assessment, surveys or third-party hardware such as sensors; but between them these have various drawbacks, from high start-up costs to inaccuracy caused by ‘false positives’ or double counting.


DeskQUERY™ represents the next generation of workspace and desktop analysis solutions. It is an affordable, flexible and data rich solution that uses IP technology to quickly and accurately assess the real time reality of workspace usage in order to drive real, achievable and measurable real estate savings.

By automatically monitoring and analysing this information over hours, days, weeks, months and even years, DeskQUERY™ can easily identify under or over-utilisation of work areas, floors or buildings.This bespoke software tool resides on the client’s existing Local Area Network, combining network data with information from other intelligent building sub-systems and databases, allowing it to identify when an IP device such as PC, laptop or iPad is in use, who is using it and where (it is also fully compatible with Bring Your Own Device environments).

This information is then communicated through easy-to-interpret graphical interfaces and bespoke reports, quickly and simply allowing clients to make informed decisions across local, national or global estates.

The results can quickly drive savings running to millions of pounds per annum for major corporate organisations.

Not only can DeskQUERY™ be used to rationalise and optimise space, resources and facilities in existing corporate estates, but it can also plan more efficient strategies for future expansion, identify efficiencies in individual elements such as improved hot desk and meeting room booking, or even make significant savings in energy costs by monitoring and mapping exactly where energy is consumed by devices throughout the workspace.

To find out more about DeskQUERY™ at its official launch, please do join us at The FM Event, London Olympia, on October 10-11 (including a seminar at 11.30am on October 10th entitled The real estate slayer – new technologies for optimising desktop and workspace utilisation) – click here to register for free.

Or, if you can’t make it, contact Barry Horgan for more information on or call 01708 865855.