DeskQUERY helps global financial client analyse its workplace

ExcelRedstone are pleased to have expanded deployment of its DeskQUERY workplace optimisation solution across the International site of a major financial institution

DeskQUERY from ExcelRedstone, is a ground-breaking workspace analysis and desk utilisation toolkit designed to give corporate facilities and real estate managers the information they need to understand, rationalise and manage their use of space. This seamless, low-intervention and unobtrusive software solution accurately monitors utilisation of desks, meeting rooms and other facilities in real time, linking that usage to individual users.

It has been successfully employed by a number of large enterprise clients to drive cost and efficiency savings across their buildings, including a large global financial institution that has already been using the system across a portion of their estate in UK. ExcelRedstone have now been commissioned to work closely with the client’s Project and Property teams and onsite IT partner to increase the scale the of the deployment to monitor over 35 buildings and assess the utilisation of nearly 45,000 deskspaces.

“Our client was already exceptionally pleased with ExcelRedstone’s DeskQUERY space analysis solution, so we were honoured to be asked to assist with the expansion,” commented Barry Horgan, ExcelRedstone CEO. “This extention further demonstrates the power of DeskQUERY, and the trust our clients have in us to deliver in the UK and Internationally”.

Since DeskQUERY was launched to wide acclaim in 2012, it has quickly proved its worth with corporate and public sector organisations who are now able to effectively rationalise their use of existing space, assess future expansion plans or simply close surplus offices. The expansion for this particular client saw monitoring increase from 20+ buildings with 30,000 deskspaces to include the Indian real estate portfolio, resulting in millions of pounds of savings across real estate, security, IT, and energy costs.

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