Desk utilisation: a day in the life

If your offices look pretty full most of the time, it might not be obvious how desk utilisation and workspace optimisation strategies can make a major difference – let alone save you millions in real estate costs.

But the fact is that most of the inefficiency in desk utilisation in a typical office is hidden (otherwise we’d all have done something about it by now, right?)

Modern working patterns are anything but straightforward and linear. Long gone are the days when someone would arrive at a desk at 9am and leave it again at 5.30pm. Hot desking, meetings, off-site working, mobile connections, flexible team and projects structures, and a whole lot more besides can all make it seem impossible to work out who is where and when.

DeskQUERY™ from Excel is a powerful software solution has been specifically designed to provide this information. By accurately monitoring and highlighting real-time usage of desk and work spaces by user and by department, it provides an unequalled clarity of management information in support of ever-more sophisticated real estate strategies.

To see why this matters so much, and why corporations and other large organisations are turning to workspace optimisation to unlock real estate savings running to seven-figures and beyond, why not take a moment to watch our one-minute animation of a day in the life of a typical office?

Click on the image or this link to view the animation on YouTube.

And then, if you think DeskQUERY™ could provide a real estate breakthrough for your business, please do visit the DeskQUERY™ page at to find more product information, including presentations, white papers and case studies.