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Server & Network Equipment Migration.

While server migration is a proven and effective tool for improving the efficiency of datacentres, successful implementation is widely considered to be one of the most challenging infrastructure operations.

ExcelRedstone’s migration team comprises some of the most experienced move project managers and engineers in the industry, operating within our proven methodologies to ensure that risk management remains a priority throughout.

Smarter People

Specialist in-house ExcelRedstone engineering teams implement the process every step of the way meaning, for example, that hardware is handled by experts who understand it, and on-site engineering resources are always available on the day of the move to support and resolve any patching issues that may arise.

Smarter Toolkits

Our powerful Xact™ toolkit supports engineers and the project team from audit to handover, ensuring accurate planning, communication and visibility throughout.


ExcelRedstone’s engineering teams migrate thousands of items of network equipment each and every year, from day-to-day operational changes to major datacentre relocations and reorganisations.


Whether you are migrating a single server or an entire datacentre, each project is individually planned and implemented with exactly the same attention to detail and care, ensuring an efficient migration project with no downtime and no interruption to normal business operation.

Our comprehensive and detailed server migration processes include:

Whether migrating one or many servers, our powerful Xact™ MIS tools help us to carefully audit and consolidate vital data on ownership, applications, configurations and other factors required for a seamless transition. Critically, this can be then be checked against the project’s network requirement documentation, and any discrepancies resolved at an early stage – saving on time, disruption and other costs.
From this platform we create an optimum migration schedule, detailing every step of the project. Equally important are the intra-team communications arrangements required for a successful project.
The planning and execution of the decommissioning process increasingly revolves around intelligent infrastructure management technology. Once cabinet locations have been received, our engineers book the entire project patching details in iPatch. A detailed cabinet-end report allows the datacentre engineer to double check everything. All details are completed on iPatch a full working week before the move.
Before any migration the new location is audited to ensure sufficient space is available and verify that no obstructions will prevent installation of servers and storage equipment. To minimise downtime during the actual migration all patching, mounting of rails and shelves, and power leads installations are also completed in the datacentre ahead of the (normally weekend) move date.
Specialist in-house ExcelRedstone engineering teams implement the critical transportation, installation and recommissioning stages. This means that hardware is handled by experts who understand it, and on-site engineering resources are always available on the day of the move to support and resolve any patching issues that may arise.
Planning, implementation and project management are all supported by ExcelRedstone’s proprietary Xact™ MIS toolkit, with its powerful modules. The result is full visibility of the real time status of each piece of technology involved in the migration – the progress on each, how the wider project status stands and what remains to be completed.
The comprehensive approach to the planning, recording and reporting of migration projects detailed above ensures comprehensive documentation for detailed handovers and project reviews.

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