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Big Switch Networks.

ExcelRedstone is an approved reseller and delivery partner for Big Switch Networks.

Big Switch Networks

By combining Big Switch Networks’ innovative software with widely available bare metal and open hardware, we deliver SDN solutions which drive unprecedented levels of business agility, scalability and total cost of ownership.

As a Big Partner company, we can offer a broad range of options to clients at the vanguard of SDN and NFV adoption, in sectors as diverse as financial services, technology, manufacturing, higher education, public sector and communications service.

Big Cloud Fabric™ is the industry’s first data centre fabric built using SDN controller software and open networking (white-box or brite-box) hardware switches.

Big Cloud Fabric™ solutions are designed to transform the management and optimization of legacy data centre, as well as to underpin the next generation of ‘east-west’ hyperscale facilities.

Embracing hyper-scale data centre design principles, the Big Cloud Fabric solution delivers:

  • intelligence by simplifying network operations and providing fabric-wide telemetry,
  • agility by enabling network automation to rapidly deploy application and services, and
  • deployment flexibility powered by a scale-out architecture and open network hardware.

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Next-generation networking (also known as open networking) has already transformed the way hyperscale data centre operators design and operate their data centres.

By harnessing our own network expertise in partnership with leading innovators like Big Switch Networks, Excel is committed to bringing these same advantages of open networking to the wider enterprise community.

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