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ExcelRedstone designs, implements and supports active network infrastructure which delivers the performance, scalability and security demanded by modern enterprise.

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Our optimised solutions will help you improve performance and user experience while reducing expenditure across your network.

We use leading technologies, and are accredited partners for some of the biggest names in both legacy (closed) and next-generation / open networking.

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Whether you have a legacy networking requirement for a campus LAN, or are considering the latest next-generation technologies for enhanced automation and orchestration, ExcelRedstone can add value to your networking project.


With decades of combined networking experience (IP switching and routing), our dedicated active networking design team can provide the independent insight you need to help you decide what’s right for your business.


We can support your business across a full range of networking technologies and configurations, from optimising existing hardware to identifying new network equipment, including the latest in open networking technologies.


ExcelRedstone is a Cisco Partner and a Meraki Partner, giving us access to resources including Cisco Certified Design Professionals (CCDPs) and Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs). For open networking, we are members of the Open Compute Project, an EdgeCore Partner and a Big Switch Network Partner.

An independent voice to help you identify and implement solutions for Ethernet-based, wireless and open networking

Ethernet-based Network

We have extensive knowledge of legacy Ethernet-based network design, implementation and support. Our experienced team has delivered solutions for organisations of all sizes across the private and public sectors.

Our approach is built on proven technologies and fundamental principles, such as the configuration of broadcast domains and an understanding of client budget vs risk.

The result is optimised networks which deliver:

  • optimised performance
  • no single point of failure
  • reduced downtime
  • no interoperability issues



cisco network partner

Wireless Network

We have the tools and skills to perform detailed wireless network designs, both virtual and physical, to optimise the performance and the user experience.

You can read more here our design and implementation of Wi-Fi networks.


meraki wireless network partner

Next-Generation Data Centre Networks

As a member of the Open Compute Project, ExcelRedstone is at the vanguard of a revolution in data centre networking.

ocp-verticalNext-generation (or open) data centre networking has transformed the way that hyperscale data centre operators such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google design and operate their data centres, and now ExcelRedstone is committed to bringing these same advantages to the wider enterprise community.

We work with the leading open hardware and software vendors to bring the huge benefits of next-generation networking to our clients.

big switch open network partner

Edgecore Networks partner

Cumulus Networks Partner

Our specialists can help your business explore the benefits, conduct feasibility and/or proof of concept testing, and then implement your own open network projects.


ExcelRedstone next-generation data centre networks deploy equipment manufactured in the same factories as Tier One vendor equipment, utilising exactly the same silicon.

The differences only show when you start to weigh up the advantages of next generation:

  • Significant cost reductions (both CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Reduced power & cooling requirements
  • Reduced or eliminated vendor lock-in for all hardware
  • A wider range of choices for both hardware and software
  • Direct support from the vendor(s) rather than third-party suppliers
  • Unparalleled operational performance, efficiency, flexibility, scaleability and more…


Next-generation networking solutions are modular and widely compatible, comfortably running alongside and within existing enterprise networks. This means that any business can start planning and commissioning today towards a next-generation future.

For more information on the advantages and implementation of next-generation data centre networks, download our free e-guide today (see column, right).

Or contact our network team direct on or +44 (0) 20 3929 9915 to discuss how open networking could transform your networks and connectivity.

Free e-Guide: Next-Generation Networking For Your Data Centre

Download our e-guide today to review the principles, the technology and the compelling advantages of open networking in the modern data centre.



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