IIM & Network Automation.

ExcelRedstone has been at the forefront of intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) and network automation technologies for many years.

intelligent infrastructure

Enterprise-level networks face key challenges in the quest for greater operational efficiency, availability and flexibility in your IT networks. Unnecessary downtime and operational inefficiencies cost business millions in lost revenue and missed opportunities every year.

ExcelRedstone’s intelligent approach to infrastructure management is designed to give you unprecedented control over your network and the tools you need to respond to these challenges.

IIM investment is more than a smart IT solution – it’s a smart business solution that can quickly pay for itself through reduced downtime, energy and maintenance costs.

Configuration management

Automatically map device locations to physical connectivity. Integrate with floor plan, web browser, Network Management, and other applications to improve help desk capabilities and emergency response.

Change management

Device discovery enables automatic change confirmation, and intelligent service provisioning removes the need to manually select connectivity paths. Service provisioning enables integration with service management and workflow applications, without detailed knowledge of connectivity requirements.

Incident management

At-a-glance verification of connection status. Automatically detect patching incidents and avoid patching mistakes with technician guidance. System integrates with help desk and service management application to allow for closed-loop incident management.

IIM – The Benefits

Ensure tighter security throughout your network, with system alerts if unauthorised patching activity occurs or changes occur in the field or at the endpoint of a circuit.
Locate devices – and problems – on your network in less than 60 seconds.
Automatically updates the system with details of patches on frames input without planning, while planned patches are sent to frame for completion by engineer without need for manual schedules – as well as being automatically updated with exact time of patch provision recorded.
Greatly reduces the auditing of patching because the system tracks changes very accurately. Tracing of circuits is also very efficient since the system visually indicates both ends of patch at the frame.
With a host of features, including the automation of existing workflows and the ability to monitor and control all sites globally from a single location.

Free IIM Guide

The Benefits of IIM: First Steps to a Smarter Infrastructure investigates the ways in which an intelligent infrastructure system can address issues as diverse as reliability, security, compliance and energy management.


Remember: ExcelRedstone is an IIM specialist with experience in deploying all the major IIM systems at the enterprise level, including imVision, IM&M, Cormant CS, IM&M, Nlyte and RiT.

We were the first company globally to be awarded CommScope’s IRIS accreditation for system integrations with their imVision IIM system, and we have continued to develop solutions for all systems towards the creation of a new generation of truly intelligent infrastructure and building designs.


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