Corning preferred installer status for Excel

Corning has appointed Excel to its LANscape® Network of Preferred Installers (NPI).

The appointment further emphasises Excel’s reputation as one of the leading cabling contractors across UK and EMEA markets.

NPI contractors must meet Corning’s stringent requirements for technical and financial strength and have a proven dedication to quality installations.

Preferred installers must also demonstrate a commitment to extensive factory training, and are required to update training with Corning for continued excellence.

Excel director Barry Horgan said: “Corning enjoys an outstanding reputation for its cabling solutions for voice, data and video network applications, notably of course around fibre optics.

“We are delighted to build further on our long relationship with Corning by becoming a preferred installer.”

The NPI programme guarantees that each Corning LANscape® solution meets or exceeds global telecommunications and performance standards.

Together with Corning, NPI contractors guarantee to repair or replace defective products free of charge for up to 25 years after installation with our 25-year warranty (Note: A LANscape Solutions NPI 25-year system warranty is offered for local area network (LAN) and datacentre installations when all products in the fibre cabling solution are Corning covered products including fibre optic cables, hardware, connectivity and preterminated systems.)

Unlike some other extended warranty installer programs, Corning’s LANscape Solutions NPI program is exclusive – only skilled installer companies measuring up to Corning’s quality and training requirements are invited to join.