Cloud business communications helps reduce office space and rental costs

A lot has been written about the increased agility, customer service and productivity benefits of using Cloud-based business communications services. Cloud services enable many worker types, such as executives, knowledge workers, project managers and customer service staff to work productively anywhere.

However, there’s another tangible benefit to more agile, flexible working practise – and that’s the reduction of traditional office space required.

With London office rents predicted to increase by 13% by 2017, freeing workers from their cubicles can save organisations serious amounts of cash! Source: Carter Jonas. Some have even gone the extra mile, and become completely virtual enterprises, with no traditional bricks and mortar office premises. While this will probably remain the exception rather than the rule, there’s no doubt Cloud communications and near-ubiquitous broadband is providing unprecedented freedom in where and how we choose to work and live our lives.

ExcelRedstone Managed services have been working closely with the Professional Services industry to demonstrate & implement how cloud communications can help “On-the-Go” Account Teams stay in touch with clients and colleagues. It is becoming increasingly common that workers request to, or are required to as part of their role, work remotely, whether from out in the field or their own homes. Each presents the same issues.

Agencies like Julie’s (see full case study) must assure that this style of working does not impact the lines of communication, both internally and externally. She has often found that phones go unanswered and clients cannot reach their account manager, a rudimental slow down in any project.

Cloud-based unified communications services like those provided by ExcelRedstone Managed Services, and powered by Broadsoft, provide a great alternative for any busy firm with out-of-the-office demands. Telephony can be delivered as a cloud-based service, meaning increased flexibility by having an office line with you at all times. This mobile solution also means staff have the ability to make outbound calls that appear to come from your office line, use secure chat capabilities, launch voice or video conferences, share files — and more — using whatever device is most convenient.

It is these services that enable the dispersed workforce to regain the benefits of spontaneous “water cooler” conversations. You can see similar case studies from across ExcelRedstone by clicking here.

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