Case study: A high speed delivery for a Class 6 ISO data centre

Case study:

A high speed delivery for a Class 6 ISO data centre

The Challenge

When a leading financial institution needed extra datacentre capacity fast, they came to ExcelRedstone. As a bank with over 250 years of heritage, they’re used to looking to the future. That’s why they built four new data halls, each over 10,000sq ft. Fitting them out with structured cabling, energy management and WAN within 6 weeks, however, was no small task.

With two of the halls already receiving structured cabling and energy management, the remaining two had to be fitted out in a 6 week timeframe. To make matters even more challenging, the on-site storage facilities were less than half the typical size, and the entire process had to maintain Class 6 ISO standards throughout.

We helped RBS expand their data centre capacity in just 6 weeks.

The Solution

Our selected project management and design teams had over 100 years of combined experience. They put it to good use with a complete pre-staging in our London facility. By rigorously testing their solutions off-site, with the help of dedicated fibre and copper engineers, we could ensure high performance and resolve any issues long before reaching the client site.

It wasn’t just technical issues that wouldn’t reach the client’s site either. In partnership with Anixter, we diverted over 5.5 metric tons of packing wood and cardboard to recycling. This marked one of our greenest installations to date.

The Results

ExcelRedstone successfully delivered the project within 6 weeks, within budget and meeting every client expectation.

Thanks to our dedicated management team, we were able to coordinate third party solutions, site Construction Design Management, and WAN dig works to a world class standard.

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