Case study: Property management firm protects against phone outages

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Case study:

How a Property Management Firm Protects Against Costly Phone Outages

The Challenge

Michael and his team of 30 employees provide property management services for several large residential apartment complexes. Phones are the company’s life-blood, helping the team to keep apartments booked, respond to maintenance issues and field new business inquiries. Unfortunately, the firm’s on premises phone system is old and long out of warranty, making it hard for service personnel to find parts and keep it running.

A recent outage meant a full day without phone service, frustrating both property owners and tenants alike. It also meant a missed call from an important new business prospect Michael had been cultivating. He knew he had to find a solution fast or risk his both his bottom line and his hard-earned reputation for responsive service.

The Solution

As Michael thought through his options, he decided he didn’t want to invest in another PBX that would be costly to own and maintain. It simply wouldn’t provide the redundant backup he needed to protect against future outages. Instead, he decided to replace his ageing PBX with a cloud-based phone service that could deliver “always on” access.

With telephony delivered as a service, Michael and his team can make and receive calls from anywhere using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


The Results

All they need is an Internet connection. If the network goes down or the office is inaccessible for any reason, they can work from home or any other remote location to deliver seamless, uninterrupted service. They can even choose to use a mobile app and make and receive calls over a cellular network — bypassing the Internet altogether. Each call will look as though it originated from the firm’s office line, not a cell phone number.

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