Data centre support.

Case study:

Data centre support for international bank

A leading international bank identified operational and commercial shortcomings in its existing support arrangements for two key data centres on the periphery of London.

The incumbent supplier provided a fixed number of personnel to carry out the onsite support during 9-5 office hours, with additional overtime costs for out-of-hours and weekend support.

However, these support arrangements did not provide the flexibility required by the bank to scale up and down, based on demand, a range of services such as racking and stacking, cabling, relocation of servers and onsite troubleshooting.

The Solution

ExcelRedstone proposed a 24×7 support solution based around four data centre operations engineers at each site. Each engineer would work 12 hour shi­fts on a four days on / four days off rota.

Each site would have a data centre facility manager, and an additional engineer would provide cover across both facilities.



ExcelRedstone was able to rapidly implement this proven 24×7 support model, with the operations engineers quickly managing all the bank’s requests for racking and stacking, cabling, relocation of servers and onsite troubleshooting.

To improve efficiency, we implemented an inventory management system to manage the bank’s stock of patch leads, memory and other hardware.

To build the service further, a change manager was appointed to manage all ongoing change control processes with the bank. Two senior engineers have also been added, now managing the operations engineers at each site.

In addition to the support contract, ExcelRedstone was asked to provide memory upgrades to the Dell servers and to oversee the deployment of the Nlyte DCIM tool. In addition, we now undertake all the cabling projects within the data centres, from additional fibre and copper links for connectivity through to new cage builds as required by the bank.

The Results

ExcelRedstone successfully managed the transition of support in these two important DC facilities from 9-5 weekdays to a full 24×7 service.

Our service currently delivers approximately 500 hardware installations, 250 decommissions, 200 upgrades and 400 incident resolutions per annum.

The inventory management system has significantly improved the handling of materials, and in addition to the five-year support contract we are now handling £600k+ p.a. of cabling projects.

Following the successful introduction of the Nlyte DCIM tool in the UK we were awarded a project by the bank to upgrade DC facilities in a further 10 countries.

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Project Summary:

  • 24×7 onsite support across two data centres for an international bank
  • Supporting 2,500 servers + network equipment
  • Services including:
    • racking and stacking
    • cabling
    • relocation of servers
    • onsite troubleshooting
  • New inventory management system to improve handling of materials
  • Additional awards of:
    • Server memory upgrades
    • All DC cabling projects (copper & ­bre, £600k+ p.a.)
    • Nlyte DCIM implementation across 11 countries
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