Is your data centre ready for next-generation networking?

Next-generation (or ‘open’) network technologies are transforming the way modern enterprises build and manage their data centre networks.

Excel_Whitepaper_NextGenNetworkingCOVERThe Open Networking Project (operating within the wider Open Compute Project) is bringing to networking the same guiding principles of openness and disaggregation that have long been seen as routine in servers and storage.

This disaggregation of switch hardware and software has already been pioneered to enormous advantage by hyperscale data centre operators like Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Now, thanks to a new generation of open software and hardware solutions, it is becoming increasingly realistic for the wider corporate community to consider replacing traditional closed and proprietary switches with a new fully open next-generation network technology stack.

The benefits across cost, operational performance, efficiency, flexibility and scaleability could be enormous.

But where do you start?

Free Download: Next Generation Networking For Your Data Centre

As members of the Open Compute Project, Excel is at the vanguard of the open networking revolution.

We work with the leading open hardware and software vendors, and our specialists can help and support your business from feasibility and/or proof of concept testing to the implementation of your own open networks project.

Excel’s new e-guide, Next Generation Networking For Your Data Centre, looks at the concepts, technologies and issues surrounding next-generation networking.

This free guide explores closed vs open switches; the latest generation of open operating systems; the cost and operational advantages of open solutions; and what you need to consider in making the right choices for your business.


Download the Guide

For more information on next-generation networks, download our free e-guide today or contact our network team direct on or +44 (0)1708 865855 to discuss how open networking could transform your networks and connectivity.