Design appointment supports Excel intelligent building solutions

Excel has appointed a new design consultant in response to ever-growing demand for intelligent building solutions.

Having joined Excel from LMG, Grant Fryer takes responsibility for design and pre-sales work on a wide range of IP-enabled building system and sub-system solutions.

Excel director Mark Smith said: “We are delighted to welcome Grant, who joins Excel at a time of rapid growth and investment in IP-enabled technology and intelligent building solutions.

“Building systems such as CCTV and access control, lighting, audio-visual, and occupancy management toolkits are increasingly being designed around IP-enabled equipment which can be integrated and controlled via the corporate network.

“The advantages are clear, from site-wide control to energy and cost management.”

Excel has pioneered a range of network, connectivity and intelligent building services which can help design, build and operate buildings in ways which meet objectives around cost, energy management and operational efficiency.

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