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Our custom-designed and built MIS tool Xact™ is an organic and fully-hosted software solution designed to adapt and respond to the bespoke requirements of every customer.

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By drawing real time data from a range of trusted sources across your IT environment, Xact™ eliminates the need for disparate applications, numerous spread-sheets and home-grown solutions.

As well as ensuring full visibility across customer infrastructures, it provides a powerful and flexible mechanism for the delivery of consistent, effective and efficient service performance. It also provides the data and analysis which underpins our focus on continuous service improvement.

Through its many unique features, Xact™:

  • Improves project management, team collaboration and cost control
  • Optimises the way resources are managed and tracked
  • Provides customers with complete visibility of all services via an online portal
  • Reduces incident resolution times for break/fix and issues
  • Delivers online auditing facilities to check the health of data centres and comms rooms
  • Supports the procurement process for new products and services
  • Creates a central place to store project documents
  • Drives continuous service improvement and innovation

Xact™ is built in a modular structure covering the management of projects, business-as-usual support and moves and migration.


Xact™ Project Manager

Xact™‘s powerful Project Manager module delivers an innovative approach to Project Management which conforms to ITIL. Among the benefits  with the following benefits:

  • 24 x 7 visibility of project status achieved via powerful reporting tools
  • Effective communications within all levels of the organisation through central repository for project information
  • Bespoke reports that improve project processes and enhanced service delivery
  • Provides full audit trail throughout the system

Xact™ Service Desk

Through Xact™’s Service Desk, clients have access to live and historical performance statistics and trend analysis relating to every aspect of our support service.

Xact™ can integrate with any helpdesk system to capture calls and allocate them to categories, each defined with its own SLAs and baseline information. As the fault or service request is raised, assigned and completed, the system records related cost centre information, site, team and other data.

Using this information we provide live 24x7x365 online reporting back to our customers. Among other things, the statistics are used to help our clients carry out root cause analysis on their service faults, helping improve service delivery and reduce support costs.

Xact™ Moves

Manages the moves process and helps to co-ordinate information between the teams involved with moves. Xact™ retrieves asset information previously captured from a move to reduce the time it takes to carry out a desk survey. iPad’s are used to capture desk information which can be immediately updated into Xact™ using 3G/4G.

For each desk position documents are uploaded which illustrate connectivity between the individual equipment elements on the desk as well as connectivity to the comms room.

Customers can view moves statistics through Xact™’s Customer Portal which will provide details around volumes, assets and cost centres as well as information on pending moves.

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