Fundamental to the successful growth of the ExcelRedstone business over more than 30 years has been a consistent emphasis on finding and retaining the highest calibre of people.

ExcelRedstone people are IT infrastructure professionals who combine the highest level of skill and experience with a commitment to the values and attitudes which have come to define the ‘ExcelRedstone experience’.


We work hard to retain and develop our staff and to ensure they have extensive knowledge of many institutions’ infrastructures, IT systems, datacentres and buildings as possible.


The successful delivery of continuous improvement, risk control and quality assurance through our Xceed™ integrated service delivery model depends on every single ‘link’ in the ExcelRedstone chain operating to the same high standard, and it is this principle which underpins our development programme.


Every member of our strong and diverse senior team has an active and hands-on involvement in the business, working together to push the business forward across its various divisions and areas of operation. Each of those divisions is based around a core of trained and accredited engineering staff, each managed by a fully qualified project management team.

The result is a flexible, knowledgeable and skilled resource pool that is ideally suited to meet the high demands of our clients.


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