Company Policy.

ExcelRedstone is committed to delivering world class services and products within a framework of best practice quality, sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Quality Assurance

ExcelRedstone group companies have held an ISO 9001 certification with UKAS accredited companies for more than 20 years.

Our quality management systems are designed to assure the consistent delivery of products and services which meet international standards, customer and relevant statutory and regulatory requirement.

Within the above framework we also place a strong emphasis on continual improvement.

Health & Safety

The objective of ExcelRedstone’s Health & Safety Policy is to prevent, accidents and incidents during the course of our work or duties being undertaken.

As a CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) certified company, we are dedicated to completing health and safety pre-qualification assessments to a nationally recognised and accepted threshold standard.

Environmental Management

ExcelRedstone has a comprehensive environmental policy which ensures our commitment to protecting the environment, reducing, recycling and disposing of waste.

Our staff are regularly trained and receive updates on the best environmental practices.

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We ensure our business is conducted in accordance with rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards, and adhere to all applicable local laws and international regulations when working with our clients/partners.
Our customers are our core focus; we fully understand that we only function to service our clients. It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that any contact with our clients and the public at large reflects professionalism, integrity and honesty.
We treat our suppliers as our partners and work very closely with them to help us achieve our policy aspirations in the delivery of our products and services to our clients. We pride ourselves on the rigorous processes we employ to select our suppliers, operating a streamlined supply chain management strategy which helps us develop and encourage our suppliers and at the same time deal with any performance issues. The fact that we see our suppliers as partners means we can ensure they operate and implement necessary corporate and social responsibility in order to maintain our own standards.
Our employees apply common sense and calculated logic in the implementation of these commitments, and extend the high level of courtesy expected by our clients and society in general.
ExcelRedstone is committed to the health and safety of all its employees, operating a strict health and safety policy across all facets of our business. We are proud of the exemplary safety record we are able to demonstrate.
Our sustainability strategy employs best practice environmental principles and confirms our intention to go further than current mandatory requirements on environmental matters in design, product selection and procurement; and to exercise more environmentally friendly options whenever available and commercially viable.
We recognise the importance of, and our responsibility to, the wider community, and strive to regularly contribute back into society. Each year we commit dedicated funds for charitable donations, supporting our own staff on various fundraising activities and to providing sponsorship and donations to charities and organisations.


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