Excel @ 25 | The 5 Question Reflections Pt. 4

For the latest in our anniversary year 5 Question Reflection slots we’ve asked Ian Yarnton, Excel’s longest serving member of staff, for his own thoughts and memories on the company.

By speaking with staff, customers, suppliers and partners, we hope that the 5 Question Reflections help give you a little more insight into what it is really like to work with, for and alongside Excel.

We’ve already spoken to founding director Mark Smith; his longest Excel contact Daryl Hoare; customer Dick Casselle; now it’s the turn of Ian to recall just how far the company has come since he joined in 1993.

1. How and when did your relationship with Excel start?

My relationship started with Excel I.T. around October 1993 initially working a few evenings and weekends, as at the time, I was working another company where the contract was coming to an end. I was introduced to Excel by a colleague I worked with at my former company and the rest is history.

2.       What has Excel meant to you during your association with the company

Having been with colleagues at Excel from the early pioneer days, it’s a nice feeling to think that I’ve played a part in helping to build the company to what it is today and I’ve met a lot of good friends along the way. Professionally, I/ Excel take pride in our work no matter how small or big the job is – Excel’s can-do, friendly attitude approach is still maintained today.

3.       What has been the highpoint of your association with the company?

There have been a few highpoints over the years, but I suppose the main one was the opportunity in 1996 to be first on site to set up a managed service support contract for one of the City’s largest financial companies. From turning up on that first Monday with a few tools and minimal materials, we’ve since been through some great times with the client – as well, of course, as some extremely demanding and busy ones – but it’s all been really worthwhile and rewarding. Today, we still maintain a fully managed onsite service and project team, and it is a relationship of which Excel is extremely proud.

4. How has Excel changed in the time you have known it?

As Excel has grown over the years, so has the structure within the company, although still very much with the same values. Over the years Excel has built up dedicated departments to support our customers and to create the right tools to do the job. There’s been a lot of midnight oil burnt along the way to get to this stage.

5.    Which three words do you think best describe Excel?

Can-do, friendly attitude