Excel @ 25 | The 5 Question Reflections Pt. 5

Throughout our 25th anniversary celebrations, we have been asking people to share their personal reflections and memories of Excel.

We’ve already spoken to founding director Mark Smith; his longest Excel contact Daryl Hoare; customer Dick Casselle; and longest serving employee Ian Yarnton. Now, for the last in our series, it’s time for another view from outside the company, courtesy of John McCarthy from CommScope Enterprise Solutions.

1. How and when did your relationship with Excel start?

Excel I.T. has been a Partner of CommScope since the late 1990s. We began a formal relationship in 1997 when we were Lucent Technologies.

The accreditation as a Partner was, and is, the highest status in the cabling industry and Excel was approved to be granted this after a period of discussion and qualification based on their professionalism, quality and operational excellence.

2. What has Excel meant to you during your association with the company?

Both professionally and personally my highest criteria for working with others is the existence of trust. Without this you do not have a true relationship or partnership. I believe myself and CommScope can say this is in place as evidenced by our long association.

From a professional and business point of view they are “a safe pair of hands” which, bearing our needs and the needs of our customers in mind, is exactly what we rely on to represent us in the market.

 3. What has been the highpoint of your association with the company?

We work with one of our global financial customers in a very highly skilled technological environment. They need to know that the partner working with them on these systems has the high level of expertise that will support their critical infrastructure platform.

When Excel was chosen by them to develop these requirements I saw it as proof that Excel had moved to a higher level of professional competence in their own development. This makes me and us very happy that our partnership was endorsed and is growing together.

4. How has Excel changed in the time you have known it?

Excel as I know them began as a small but competent organisation. Like many small enterprises it was a “lifestyle” company which was formed by Mark and Gary to find business and do a good job for their customers.

Today they are a much larger organisation which has developed an ability to provide many broader technology solutions. They have acquired a business expertise that provides the professionalism that is precisely what is needed for the customers and partners they work with today. In short they have become a “proper” IT services company – a company to be trusted.

5. Which three words do you think best describe Excel?

Out of many I would pick professional, reliable and competent.  And I would also want to add a fourth: likeable.